Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief Mattresses and Pressure Relief Cushions

Welcome to Beaucare's ATMO® Pressure Relief mattresses and pressure relief cushions range.  We have a selection of products to assist low to high risk patients. When you buy a pressure mattress from Beaucare Medical you know that you are getting a high quality product that our expert team will help you choose to suit your needs.

The pressure relief products come in a range of options which include modular foam, memory foam and alternating cell and pump systems. 

We also have a number of pressure relief accessories including wheelchair set, heel and elbow protectors, foot elevators, fleece sheets, commode cushion and ring cushions.

High Risk - Suitable for severe pain, pressure sores and high risk pressure care patients.

Medium Risk - Suitable for slight pain and discomfort including medium risk pressure care patients.

Low Risk - Suitable for providing additional seating comfort and for low risk pressure care patients.

The above categories are for guidance only.  Please call our sales team for further assistance when it comes to your pressure relief mattress and pressure relief cushion requirements on 01423 873666.

Our full range of pressure relief products is available to view below or select the appropriate category from the drop down menu. 

If you have specific pressure relief needs such as a pressure mattress or a pressure cushion, then contact us on 01423 873666 or email us

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